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Project Description Last Change
bug a parasite bites you and builds a face mask 3 years ago
dg a trip to a game expo 22 months ago
ique a virtual pet tries to explode your skull in a spectacular way 4 weeks ago
fs amass an arsenal of weapons to destroy spanky the monkey 2 months ago
bat build a tree for a bat using this interface 2 years ago
eco catch creatures under a veil of static by luring them with mushrooms 7 years ago
lf control an led remotely and view via live stream 8 months ago
sh deliver drugs in a small town 2 years ago
lake experimental shmup about consulting the i ching and detonating mines 2 weeks ago
mt generate a flickgame about a mushroom getting on a party train 14 months ago
swimmy generative sound demo with synchronized swimming fish 2 months ago
slime gif visualizer with mashup effects for local or remote files 4 days ago
hs give the slime a good squish 5 weeks ago
wall guide a ship that picks up and transports travelers over a high-security border complex 4 weeks ago
pl guide the monster to lick all the planets up, works with real popsicle controller 4 weeks ago
wisp halt a falling bomb with a bird's laser and launch your ufo 4 weeks ago
ab maligned game boy advance demo 4 years ago
send minimalist game like shuffleboard 5 weeks ago
esp monsters stole your game boy get past them to get it back 6 years ago
cake one button cake walking gauntlet simulation 4 weeks ago
sso predict the path of a particle by placing two points 5 weeks ago
fb put the fish in the barn 23 months ago
pgfw pygame framework that facilitates the creation of projects and adds features 43 hours ago
hoa quickly rotate points in a sphere into a lens one-by-one 5 years ago
stv reveal a hidden picture while avoiding a horde of enemies 2 years ago
tw scan qr codes of train tickets and greet the passenger 3 years ago
sfw sdl framework for fast 3d and multiple platform support 6 months ago
shampoo web portal 4 years ago
bls simple top-down fishing idea 4 years ago
kiln sokoban like sliding block puzzle game 3 years ago
egg store 2 web portal including game software 2 years ago
buddi the adventure of coral crew junior scientists 6 weeks ago
esb tony hawk's electric scrape board 15 months ago
e-sieve ufos fracking your skull in 1920s america 9 months ago
pp unglitch nes scenes and solve the puzzle by swapping groups of tiles 9 months ago
lwg you can wobble with just the a button 22 months ago