2020-02-20  Frank DeMarco- audio panel added to pygame framework master
2020-02-15  Frank DeMarco- ignore mouse clicks
2020-02-14  Frank DeMarcoinitial sound effects test
2020-01-31  Frank DeMarcoadded levels 1, 2 and 4
2020-01-28  Frank DeMarcorecycle pail trails floaty
2020-01-28  Frank DeMarcotitle screen + beach + ocean
2019-12-12  Frank DeMarco- character turn rotation animation frames
2019-09-05  Frank DeMarcojellyfish throws goons; check all platforms; middle...
2019-09-05  Frank DeMarcodendrogyra; level 5 layout
2019-09-03  Frank DeMarcolevel 4 rotating jellyfish pair
2019-08-30  Frank DeMarcomove jellyfish side to side
2019-08-29  Frank DeMarcolevel 3
2019-08-27  Frank DeMarcolevel inheritance; collision at the edges of scientist
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcocoral mask
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcoclownfish wipe animation
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcocoral bleaching and unbleaching
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcorestore background when sea is clean
2019-08-20  Frank DeMarcoshort hop
2019-08-20  Frank DeMarcoclownfish follows scientist; anemone sprite; jellyfish...
2019-08-19  Frank DeMarcoreorient soda cans; flash recycle bin when filled
2019-08-17  Frank DeMarcowipe out animation; jellyfish behavior; trash sprites
2019-08-15  Frank DeMarcojellyfish sprite
2019-08-15  Frank DeMarcoplatforms and scrolling
2019-08-11  Frank DeMarcomovement vectors
2019-08-10  Frank DeMarcoic