2012-11-03  Frank DeMarcocreature species renamed master
2012-10-29  Frank DeMarcorevised aperture creature
2012-10-27  Frank DeMarconew aperture creature; dispose added to gif preview
2012-10-27  Frank DeMarcogradient resolution controls gradient indicies
2012-10-26  Frank DeMarcoAnimation reads GIF gradients
2012-10-26  Frank DeMarcogenerate creatures from the img root directory
2012-10-24  Frank DeMarcolocal config can be specified on the command line
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoCross added to shapes
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoSquare added to polygon choices
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcobuild*Points methods collected
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcosimplified rotated coordinate calculation
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws multiple outer rings
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws inner form intervals
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAnimation rounds circle points
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws outer ring
2012-10-22  Frank DeMarcoAnimation builds triangles and circles
2012-10-17  Frank DeMarcoAperture scales inner form
2012-10-17  Frank DeMarcoAperture saves delay, uses frame disposal
2012-10-17  Frank DeMarcoAperture creates a rotating star
2012-10-16  Frank DeMarcocreature generator accepts cgi input
2012-10-16  Frank DeMarcocreature-generator searches command line and config...
2012-10-04  Frank DeMarcoflash behavior and placement
2012-10-04  Frank DeMarcoScope split into child classes
2012-10-03  Frank DeMarcoright-click and reel command
2012-10-01  Frank DeMarcomasks re-outlined; flags resized; no alpha for Scope
2012-10-01  Frank DeMarcocreatures renamed; song creatures added
2012-09-28  Frank DeMarcoimagemagick script builds infinitely scrolling music...
2012-09-27  Frank DeMarcovision mirror generation script
2012-09-20  Frank DeMarcosemblances added; representatives, mirror updated
2012-09-20  Frank DeMarcorepresentatives creatures and vision mirror
2012-09-19  Frank DeMarcomany marble creatures added
2012-09-19  Frank DeMarconew creature: nhlpa 93 cartridge slug
2012-09-18  Frank DeMarconew creature: mario 64 cartridge slug
2012-09-17  Frank DeMarcoeating sound plays when mushroom is bitten
2012-09-16  Frank DeMarcomushrooms appear bitten halfway through eating
2012-09-14  Frank DeMarconew marble creature
2012-09-14  Frank DeMarcomushrooms removed after eat duration
2012-09-14  Frank DeMarcomushrooms disappear when eaten
2012-09-14  Frank DeMarcoeven distribution of mushrooms
2012-09-12  Frank DeMarcoanimation previewer; new creature; Creature surface...
2012-09-11  Frank DeMarcocreature movement prototype
2012-09-11  Frank DeMarcoMushroom groups; Creature stats file
2012-09-11  Frank DeMarcoCreatures collection; creatures place randomly, wrap...
2012-09-10  Frank DeMarcoWorld, Mushrooms handle reset command; escape key quits
2012-09-10  Frank DeMarcoCreature builds an animated sprite
2012-09-10  Frank DeMarcostationary Scope
2012-09-09  Frank DeMarcoScope visibility toggled on left click
2012-09-09  Frank DeMarcomouse motion outside of frame scrolls World
2012-09-08  Frank DeMarcoMushrooms added to World
2012-09-08  Frank DeMarcoScope moved into World
2012-09-06  Frank DeMarcoflash effect added to Scope
2012-09-05  Frank DeMarcoScope draws concentric circles at the mouse position
2012-09-03  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction loops
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction plays music after zoom
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcotitle activated on mouse click
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction draws title and flashes prompt after starf...
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction fades starfield in after zoom
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction resets on reset-game command
2012-09-02  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction zooms into mask region
2012-09-01  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction animates cord, draws delayed sunburst
2012-08-31  Frank DeMarcomushroom sprites; main object; bg loop
2012-08-27  Frank DeMarcoquotes and cloning info added to readme
2012-08-27  Frank DeMarcofixed merge conflict
2012-08-27  Frank DeMarcoproject renamed eco/kamikaze ecology; new art assets...
2012-08-25  Frank DeMarcofixed typo in setup-win
2012-08-25  Frank DeMarcopgfw moved back into l24 package
2012-08-25  Frank DeMarcopgfw moved into the root of the distribution package
2012-08-24  Frank DeMarcoInitial commit