descriptioncatch creatures under a veil of static by luring them with mushrooms
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2012-11-03  Frank DeMarcocreature species renamed master
2012-10-29  Frank DeMarcorevised aperture creature
2012-10-27  Frank DeMarconew aperture creature; dispose added to gif preview
2012-10-27  Frank DeMarcogradient resolution controls gradient indicies
2012-10-26  Frank DeMarcoAnimation reads GIF gradients
2012-10-26  Frank DeMarcogenerate creatures from the img root directory
2012-10-24  Frank DeMarcolocal config can be specified on the command line
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoCross added to shapes
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoSquare added to polygon choices
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcobuild*Points methods collected
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcosimplified rotated coordinate calculation
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws multiple outer rings
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws inner form intervals
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAnimation rounds circle points
2012-10-23  Frank DeMarcoAperture draws outer ring
2012-10-22  Frank DeMarcoAnimation builds triangles and circles
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