descriptiontony hawk's electric scrape board
last changeFri, 30 Oct 2020 19:29:35 +0000 (15:29 -0400)
2020-10-30  Frank DeMarcoadded taunts to title screen art master
2020-10-30  Blake Lee Andrewsadded new tony attract sounds
2020-10-30  Frank DeMarcoremoved buttons from dialog
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcogif alpha and timing config options
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcofixed ending background and text
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcotony places board on platform
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'art' into master
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcogif auto hide
2020-10-28  Blake Lee Andrewsarms and head and shoulders
2020-10-28  Frank DeMarcomerged master in
2020-10-28  Frank DeMarcomoved black tony
2020-10-28  Frank DeMarcobouncing scrape gif bubble
2020-10-27  Blake Lee AndrewsbigTony
2020-10-24  Frank DeMarcotitle screen glowing effects; maybe fixed continue bug
2020-10-18  Frank DeMarcoattract mode work in progress
2020-10-13  Blake Lee Andrewsmade tony black
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