2013-03-03  Frank DeMarcomoved resources master
2013-03-02  Frank DeMarcogain, oggenc
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarcomerge
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarco5 bgm
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarco5 bgm
2013-02-10  Frank DeMarcocc-by-sa
2012-11-07  Frank DeMarconew bgm, smaller squares in background
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoLevel doesn't wrap by default; Octo overrides default
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoEnding no longer includes InputMessage in update
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoDisplay listens for keypress, toggles fullscreen
2012-07-16  Frank DeMarcoreadme headings reformatted
2012-06-07  Frank DeMarcoTimer values are extracted by name and passed to Score
2012-06-06  Frank DeMarcoSetup converts changelog format to ReStructuredText
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcoSetup appends changelog to description
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcodistance modifier added to config
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcoDistance displays length to target
2012-05-31  Frank DeMarcochangelog added to dist
2012-05-31  Frank DeMarcochangelog added
2012-05-31  Frank DeMarcoinput event command uses id 31; more event debug
2012-05-30  Frank DeMarcochanged version to 0.1.1
2012-05-30  Frank DeMarcokey debug statements; launcher tries alternative pythons
2012-05-30  Frank DeMarcoreadme added to windows dist
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of marin:/home/frank/projects...
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarcoremoved debug statement
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarcoedited license
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarcopygame and setup-win use different icon formats
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarcosetup-win passes icon path
2012-05-25  Frank DeMarco-l option forces use of local resources
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcoadded license
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcosetup-win builds windows distribution
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcoremoved call to samefile
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcosetup-related methods moved to Setup
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcoupdated license/development status
2012-05-24  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-24  U-sens-PC\sensnumpy added to requirements
2012-05-23  Frank DeMarcoGameChild searches install path for resources first
2012-05-23  Frank DeMarcosetup avoids overwriting existing hi-scores during...
2012-05-21  Frank DeMarcoLShift + F10 skips to end
2012-05-21  Frank DeMarcoScoreboard renders HighScores
2012-05-17  Frank DeMarcoNamePrompt records key presses, stores initials
2012-05-16  Frank DeMarcoGlyphPalette builds a spectrum of Colors
2012-05-16  Frank DeMarcoHighScores parses hi-scores list
2012-05-15  Frank DeMarcoHi-scores list added
2012-05-15  Frank DeMarcoTimer individually tracks each level
2012-05-15  Frank DeMarcoMissing resources returns None
2012-05-14  Frank DeMarcoGame can skip to Ending
2012-05-14  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction displays Controls; Font superclass added
2012-05-14  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction specifies ttf for prompt
2012-05-11  Frank DeMarcoDisplay sets icon; controls added to README
2012-05-10  Frank DeMarcoBug fixed in Tooth level Bubbles generation
2012-05-10  Frank DeMarcoNew background colors
2012-05-10  Frank DeMarcoAudio can be muted
2012-05-08  Frank DeMarcoOverworld can pause; Audio stores sound channel
2012-05-08  Frank DeMarcoImage paths loaded as resources
2012-05-08  Frank DeMarcoPauseScreen displayed when Level pauses; launch script...
2012-05-08  Frank DeMarcoLevel, Timer can pause; Level unsubscribes from pause...
2012-05-08  Frank DeMarcoPause command pauses Audio via Level
2012-05-07  Frank DeMarcoRenamed source directory and package
2012-05-04  Frank DeMarcoOld MANIFEST is removed before setup
2012-05-03  Frank DeMarcoFrame-skipping removed; Input can be suppressed; Exit...
2012-05-02  Frank DeMarcoREADME format updated
2012-04-28  Frank DeMarcoLevels contain exits to Overworld
2012-04-28  Frank DeMarcoDoor image added to Level
2012-04-28  Frank DeMarcoHorse Barriers generation begins at random x-coord
2012-04-27  Frank DeMarcoHorse Level draws squares in an oscillating wave pattern
2012-04-27  Frank DeMarcoTooth Level scrolls Bubbles
2012-04-26  Frank DeMarcoIntroduction tracks flip state; Audio no longer uses...
2012-04-26  Frank DeMarcoAudio loads sound effects; Level uses them
2012-04-18  Frank DeMarcoInstallation instructions updated
2012-04-18  Frank DeMarcosetup script initializes distutils; package and data...
2012-04-17  Frank DeMarcoRenamed src to esphadouken to work better with distutil...
2012-04-16  Frank DeMarcoEventDelegate can be disabled; Animation's frame queue...
2012-04-16  Frank DeMarcoHorse Level draws horizontally scrolling barriers
2012-04-14  Frank DeMarcoCirculor Level draws waves of triangles
2012-04-12  Frank DeMarcoDiortem Level draws a scrolling, gradually thinning...
2012-04-11  Frank DeMarcoCirculor Level Void draws a circle that traps Dot
2012-04-10  Frank DeMarcoBubble draws its circle directly onto Void's area
2012-04-09  Frank DeMarcoTooth Level's Void inits, scrolls, and draws Bubbles
2012-04-09  Frank DeMarcoTooth Level's Void toggles its visibility
2012-04-09  Frank DeMarcoHorse Level draws a maze-like void area
2012-04-07  Frank DeMarcoDot shudders more as it approaches Bandit
2012-04-07  Frank DeMarcoDot blinks more rapidly as it approaches Bandit
2012-04-06  Frank DeMarcoLevel builds a checkerboard pattern background
2012-04-05  Frank DeMarcoOcto Level spawns barrier when most recently added...
2012-04-05  Frank DeMarcoOcto's Void draws a Barrier that shrinks horizontally...
2012-04-04  Frank DeMarcoOcto's Void object draws octo level's void
2012-04-04  Frank DeMarcoAudio optionally streams bgm using the music module...
2012-04-04  Frank DeMarcoAudio object plays background music on channel 0; Intro...
2012-04-04  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of
2012-04-04  Frank DeMarcoVoid class draws negative space to Level; Dot creates...
2012-04-03  Frank DeMarcoMask added to Dot
2012-04-03  Frank DeMarcoCreated a wrapper for the built-in Joystick class
2012-04-03  Frank DeMarcoCreated a wrapper for the built-in Joystick class
2012-03-31  Frank DeMarcoTimer string uses M:SS format
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoEnding screen added, displays time taken; Overworld...
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoConfigurations for each level's sprite placement added
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoLevel scrolls to keep Dot on screen
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoLevel initializes sprites, clip area, solid color backg...
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoWhen printed, Timer returns the amount of time passed...
2012-03-30  Frank DeMarcoLevelFactory loads the level indicated by the collided...