descriptionmonsters stole your game boy get past them to get it back
last changeSun, 3 Mar 2013 07:34:50 +0000 (16:34 +0900)
2013-03-03  Frank DeMarcomoved resources master
2013-03-02  Frank DeMarcogain, oggenc
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarcomerge
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarco5 bgm
2013-03-01  Frank DeMarco5 bgm
2013-02-10  Frank DeMarcocc-by-sa
2012-11-07  Frank DeMarconew bgm, smaller squares in background
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoLevel doesn't wrap by default; Octo overrides default
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoEnding no longer includes InputMessage in update
2012-08-13  Frank DeMarcoDisplay listens for keypress, toggles fullscreen
2012-07-16  Frank DeMarcoreadme headings reformatted
2012-06-07  Frank DeMarcoTimer values are extracted by name and passed to Score
2012-06-06  Frank DeMarcoSetup converts changelog format to ReStructuredText
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcoSetup appends changelog to description
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcodistance modifier added to config
2012-06-02  Frank DeMarcoDistance displays length to target
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