2019-07-30  babycastlesignore .msg files master
2019-07-30  Frank DeMarcosleep statements to help with buffering; rainbow fun...
2019-07-29  Frank DeMarcoreport ip less frequently; led light loop sleeps slight...
2019-07-27  babycastlestest led rect; windows scripts
2019-07-25  Frank DeMarcopgfw extensions update
2019-07-25  Frank DeMarcoseparate thread for video frames
2019-07-24  Frank DeMarcoemojis; title
2019-07-24  Frank DeMarcobuttons
2019-07-14  Frank DeMarcohand; web additions
2019-07-12  Frank DeMarcoflag for no audio
2019-07-12  Frank DeMarcoalternative stream command
2019-07-12  Frank DeMarcoreconnect when stream goes down; message dialogs
2019-07-12  Frank DeMarcostream script
2019-07-11  Frank DeMarcoic