adding pink trombone, rfid arduino code, camera views rotater, !go and !turn commands
[lolcam] / mou_visual_novel /
2021-03-24  frankadding pink trombone, rfid arduino code, camera views... master
2021-03-23  Synupdated donuts logic so that he moves towards the right...
2021-03-21  SynMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mou' into mou
2021-03-21  Synadded oldfart rip & updated script with voting screen
2021-03-21  SynUpdated some alpha animation durin climax sequence
2021-03-21  Synadded new old fart image & added more to the climax...
2021-03-21  Synadded images & additions to the script
2021-03-20  Synadded voting routine for all current choice points
2021-03-19  Frank DeMarcovoting control flow in mou visual novel
2021-03-18  frankvisual novel bgm; read rfid serial line
2021-03-16  Frank DeMarcofixing mou visual novel add; adding code for reading...
2021-03-16  Frank DeMarcoadding mou visual novel project