2020-03-05  Frank DeMarcofixed bug in vector equals comparison master
2020-03-05  Frank DeMarcoreverting get angle to counterclockwise, x/y swapped...
2020-02-28  Frank DeMarcoprevent audio panel from loading when there are no sfx
2020-02-27  Frank DeMarco- added volume adjust to SoundEffect
2020-02-20  Frank DeMarco- audio panel file browser can be used to assign file...
2020-02-15  Frank DeMarco- path-list type added for config variables
2020-02-14  Frank DeMarco- loading sfx at init recursively from project path...
2020-01-28  Frank DeMarcoimport entire random library in extension
2020-01-18  Frank DeMarco- method to cancel progpagation of events after subscri...
2019-12-12  Frank DeMarcoget lightened color
2019-11-16  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
2019-11-16  Frank DeMarcocan fill sub-rect of a surface with tile
2019-11-16  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of
2019-11-16  Frank DeMarco- iterator for yielding percent way through an interable
2019-10-28  Frank DeMarcopass blend mode flags to sprite update method
2019-10-21  Frank DeMarcofixed bug where iterator never stopped looping through...
2019-10-18  Frank DeMarco- get text box correctly draws text with transparent...
2019-10-08  frankfixes for working with py2exe on python 3
2019-10-08  Frank DeMarcoadded function for computing bezier points
2019-08-29  Frank DeMarcocheck blinds frames for zero height
2019-08-27  Frank DeMarcoget point on circle returns vector
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcomove vector as a copy
2019-08-22  Frank DeMarcogradient filled rect class
2019-08-21  Frank DeMarcoMerge commit 'c3af251'
2019-08-21  Frank DeMarcoget random hsla color
2019-08-19  Frank DeMarcosprite mask collision; rainbow sprite can set frames...
2019-08-15  Frank DeMarcoset magnitude of evector adjusts dx, dy
2019-08-10  Frank DeMarco2d vector volume
2019-07-25  Frank DeMarcoget points on line; get line segments; color key hue...
2019-07-11  Frank DeMarcoremove resizable window flag
2019-07-08  frankremove fullscreen debug prints; py3 updates for SetupWin
2019-07-07  frankfullscreen flag windows 32-bit long test
2019-07-06  Frank DeMarcoforce list for data exclude
2019-07-03  Frank DeMarcoupdate Interpolator for python3
2019-07-03  Frank DeMarcochoose config parser module based on python version
2019-07-03  Anton Marekupdate Setup for python3 compatibility; temporarily...
2019-04-13  Frank DeMarconote wavelength one or less
2019-04-12  Frank DeMarcopython 3 compatibility
2019-02-15  Frank DeMarcoplace vector
2019-01-04  Frank DeMarcopaInt32
2018-11-19  Frank DeMarcoremove display test flags
2018-11-19  Frank DeMarcofullscreen check maxint
2018-11-19  Frank DeMarconegative fullscreen flag
2018-08-17  Frank DeMarcoaxis id; sound init vernum
2018-08-14  Frank DeMarcobuffer parameter
2018-08-07  Frank DeMarcotemp recordings dir
2018-06-05  Frank DeMarcosound recording
2018-06-05  Frank DeMarcosound recording
2018-05-21  Frank DeMarcosound effect
2018-04-15  Frank DeMarcohue shift int
2018-03-09  Frank DeMarcoremove debug line
2018-03-06  Frank DeMarco_step
2017-12-21  Frank DeMarcoreflect angle
2017-12-14  Frank DeMarcostep relative; turn sprite
2017-07-26  Franknumpy dlls
2017-07-20  Frank DeMarcojoystick delay axis, single x/y
2017-07-14  Frank DeMarcoaxes cancelled
2017-07-13  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
2017-07-13  Frank DeMarcosound recording
2016-09-11  Frankmouse any command
2016-09-06  Frank DeMarcosfx-volume config var
2016-09-01  Frankos x setup
2016-07-02  Frank DeMarcochord; aa_filled
2016-07-01  Frank DeMarcochord; number range
2016-03-12  Frankcolor component difference
2016-03-12  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
2016-03-12  Frank DeMarcoinverted surface
2016-02-25  Frank DeMarconegative shadow offset
2016-02-17  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
2016-02-17  Frank DeMarcovolume 0
2016-02-16  Frank DeMarcocheck dict for command
2015-12-10  Frank DeMarcovolume modifier
2015-12-09  Frank DeMarcovolume
2015-11-29  Frank DeMarcotranspose
2015-11-28  Frank DeMarcoevector; sprite neighbor, step
2015-11-12  Frank DeMarcocounterclockwise note
2015-10-25  Frankos x
2015-10-25  Frank.git exclude wildcard
2015-10-25  FrankMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
2015-10-25  Frankfnmatch exclude, module check
2015-09-16  Frank DeMarcohsla color
2015-09-16  Frank DeMarcoreset ticks
2015-09-14  Frank DeMarcoRainbowSprite, shadowed text
2015-09-09  Frank DeMarcoBlinkingSprite
2015-09-07  Frank DeMarcohue shift; fill tile
2015-08-25  Frankexcluded files check
2015-08-24  Frank DeMarcoreset on switch frameset
2015-08-23  Frank DeMarcoget angle
2015-08-20  Frank DeMarcowasd
2015-08-16  FrankMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw into...
2015-08-16  Frank DeMarcoexclude pattern
2015-08-15  Frank DeMarcobusy channel count
2015-08-13  Frank DeMarcosurface color swap
2015-07-23  Frankzero axis
2015-07-21  Frank DeMarcorender box
2015-07-11  Frank DeMarcocredit
2015-07-02  Frank DeMarcointersect line
2015-06-25  Frank DeMarcoformatting
2015-06-23  Frankimport
2015-06-23  Frankplace in rect