descriptionpygame framework that facilitates the creation of projects and adds features
last changeFri, 30 Oct 2020 19:29:05 +0000 (15:29 -0400)
2020-10-30  Frank DeMarcofixed re raw string formatting master
2020-10-29  Frank DeMarcoregister hide functions as animation for Sprite
2020-10-11  frankfix regex escapes to work with windows paths
2020-10-11  Frank DeMarcoprint python version at start up
2020-10-06  Frank DeMarcopass on return value of
2020-08-21  Frank DeMarcochange dict unpack to ChainMap
2020-06-27  Frank DeMarcoaudio panel can be enabled in config; audio recording...
2020-05-28  Frank DeMarcofix prepended space in word wrap
2020-05-27  Frank DeMarcoreimplemented volume controls
2020-05-24  Frank DeMarcosprite areas member var
2020-05-20  Frank DeMarcoturn off clip on tile fill
2020-05-20  Frank DeMarco- fix include delay bug in Animation class
2020-05-10  Frank DeMarco- show currently highlighted and currently playing...
2020-05-01  Frank DeMarco- confirm quit
2020-04-06  Frank DeMarcoframebuffer display option added
2020-04-06  Frank DeMarcoMerge branch 'master' of makar:/var/www/git/pgfw
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