descriptionsdl framework for fast 3d and multiple platform support
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2019-10-03  Frank DeMarcoadded README master
2019-10-03  Frank DeMarco- restored to space texture
2019-07-21  Frank DeMarco- store video stashes in linked lists
2019-06-16  Frank DeMarcoreserve 100 video stashes temporary fix
2019-06-16  Frank DeMarcoget screen pixels uses gl or sdl
2019-06-04  Frank DeMarcostash and write audio to recording
2019-06-01  Frank DeMarcobug fix: initialize last frame timestamp
2019-06-01  Frank DeMarcokeyup sends cancel to command subscribers
2019-05-31  Frank DeMarcowrite most recent frames to video
2019-05-25  Frank DeMarcostash pixel buffers and write video frames in chunks
2019-05-25  Frank DeMarcofree recorder pixel data
2019-05-22  Frank DeMarcowrite gif and mp4
2019-05-19  Frank DeMarcowrite video frames in separate thread
2019-05-19  Frank DeMarcounsubscribe automatically at destruction
2019-05-18  Frank DeMarcocreate resource management objects on stack
2019-05-16  Frank DeMarcofix key map combinations modifiers
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